About Frank

 I was born in San Lauro, a village located in the south of Italy and have lived in Melbourne, Australia for most of my life. I have been  taking pictures for 45 years, and have very fond memories of building my own darkroom, shooting and developing black and white photos at my family home in West Brunswick back in 1975.

I did not pursue photography as a profession, as at that time, I saw it more as a hobby than a serious career. There have been many chapters in the Frank Romano story since, including Musician, Entrepreneur, Corporate Educator , Husband, and Father. 

So 45 years later, my decades of dormant passion for taking amazing pictures awakens with a vengeance.

 My outcome is no longer to just take good pictures, but rather to create art through my photography.  Whether Iā€™m shooting portraits, landscapes, candid, street photography or travel, my aim is always to capture the magic of the visual moment and create the unique emotion attached to each image.